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Welcome ... to Amanda's Apothecary!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

. . . aka A-List favorites we can't wait to share.

We did it! On Wednesday this week (December 8th) a dream was launched ...

"Amanda's Apothecary."

There's a whole story behind it, the why and the how and the path that led to this, but let's save that for another time. (It's incredible how one thing leads to another in life, isn't it?)

"Amanda's Apothecary" is a collection of FAVORITE things all lovingly chosen to support optimal health, to feed your soul ... and to help you stuff those stockings with GLEE this season!

Each item, concept and guest vendor was cherry-picked from the heart ...

So just to tease you a bit if you missed our launch event here's a snapshot of just some of the things you'll find in A's Apothecary (thus far)...

Tip # 1 - Drink Up The Green Stuff

If people knew all the potent healing properties of celery juice, it would be widely hailed as a miraculous superfood.... superherb, actually. Celery has an incredible ability to create sweeping improvements for all kinds of health issues. This is not your everyday bottled juice; we're talking fresh juiced from the stalks, right before your very eyes!

Tip #2 - Boosters

Pure supplements and vitamins your body deserves! These 100% Vegan and Paleo friendly supplements -- from Whole Food Powders, Vegetarian Capsules and Liquid Extracts to Medicinal Mushrooms -- provide the boost you need to offset lower quality food that's on most plates these days. A healthy you starts from the inside.

"Time and time again I see and hear that when people switch to Vimergy supplements, that’s when they are able to move the needle.”

-Anthony William, NY Times Best Selling Author

Tip #3 : Simple Switches Yield Big Results

Everything here is A-List (A = Amanda = favorites!) ... simple investments in our health, made with pure, quality products ...

  1. Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - hand-made in small batches; wet-milled from fresh coconuts; higher antioxidant levels

  2. Tropical Traditions Skin Care - Lotion & Deodorant - Gold Label VCO as base; high quality oils rich in antioxidants; all natural, ZERO chemicals

  3. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - harvested from Himalayan foothills; 100% natural, unrefined, unpolluted

  4. Canadian Raw Wild Honey - pure, unheated, unprocessed; sourced near wild vegetation; live yeast and enzymes; always glyphosate-tested

  5. "Fido Funk" - Amanda's own concoction of wholesome ingredients and essential oils to keep your carpet fresh from Fido's FUNK!

Tip #4 - Meet Your New Favorite Candle

Scents matter. And our friend and fellow Pilatista, Christina, takes great care to ensure all the ingredients in her absolutely gorgeous homemade candles are pure for the environment, your home and your respiratory system. She even created one called "Pilates" which captures her experience in our studio. Join us in supporting Multifaceted, an amazing local business run by a stellar young black woman who is making the world brighter... one candle at a time. <3

Tip #5 - I Stand For Love

Find inspiration in the beautiful art and messages of our favorite Oracle Cards and 2022 Calendar. Start every day with love & light!

Tip #6 - The Coolest Little Plants on Earth

Have you heard of air plants? Air plants don’t require soil or even containers, just a supportive spot to hang out. You may even want to give yours a name! Air plants are easy to take care of, can be added to terrariums or set on a shelf, compliment any decor -- and are a great if you don't have a green thumb!

Tip #7 - It's Not Just Potpourri

Aromatherapy. Essential Oils. These terms seem to be all a-buzz these days but please know all essential oils are not created equal. This isn't just about "smells," this is about physical and emotional health; your health! So you want the very best. Our favorites compliment everyday life ...and your Pilates life!

Tip #8 - Detox & Reset

Everyone needs Raindrop Technique in their life and Holiday Gift Certificates are now available! Rejuvenate the mind and balance the body with this unique combination of massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy for a total body reset. Promise, you'll be hooked once you get started.


At the heart of the Apothecary ...

We can't all know it all. That's what we have each other for ... sharing what's worked for each of us; our "favorite things." Two minds are better than one, right!?

And when we know better, we can do better. Freeing us up to live life without extra baggage. Detoxing our bodies and fueling them inside and out, body and soul.

All of the tips, ideas and products here are just that. Supporting, caring, educating.

Which is your favorite so far???

We'll be featuring more in-depth spotlights on Amanda's Apothecary items in the coming weeks. Until then, you can learn more -- or grab some to stuff your stockings -- by reaching out to Amanda (

Why not give yourself a 30-day challenge; we all know consistency matters. Pick a detox area in your life ...or an area you need an extra smile... and see if you don't feel the difference.

We can't wait for you to come & see & try one (or all) of our favorite things!!!


The Shop is OPEN!!

All of our Apothecary launch items

are available for your holiday gift-giving!

Keep your shopping easy, local and healthy this year!!

Everything will be on display at the studio

through Friday, 12/17.


P.S. If Amanda is teaching and not available while you are shopping, honor system, please! Simply leave a note with your name, phone and products purchased ... we'll contact you to charge the card on your CIP account.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

We are super excited to share this with you ... and help take care of your gift-giving needs!

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