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Help us find the right pieces of our puzzle to help serve YOU better! 


We are seeking fellow mind-body-soul practitioners to complete our Wellness Puzzle here at CIP!  The CIP Wellness Collective was created to bring a variety of complimentary, healing services to our clients from our trusted, preferred network of providers.  We want you to be able to schedule your regular massage, Raindrop Harmonics, aromatherapy, and (coming soon!!) crystal energy work and our vibro-acoustic sound table experience, before or after your Pilates or Gyrotonic session--- all your self-care conveniently under one roof!  No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we can help guide you in more comprehensive ways by offering alternative therapies to enhance the transformative power of movement. 

Our shared therapy space, which I refer to as the "CIP Soul Space", is currently available for rent Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at an incredible weekly rate. So, would you please help us help YOU? What local holistic practitioners do you know, love and trust who might benefit from renting a fully furnished space within a community of like-minded professionals without any overhead costs or business risks? Our special space provides collaboration, support, and potential client connections, making it a great opportunity to grow one's practice! 

We welcome Chiropractors, IV infusion therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, breath-work practitioners, nutritionists, biofeedback therapists, polarity therapists, Reflexologists, Craniosacral therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners, Rolfing, Rossiter and other structural integration practitioners, or anyone else you feel would be a good fit for our mission and community. 

Please have them reach out to me, Amanda Smith, to discuss the opportunities!



Side note:

Have you tried Carrie's PHENOMENAL massages yet? How about Lisa's detoxifying, re-balancing Raindrop therapy?! What did you think? Let us hear from you on social media, in a google or Wellness Living review!!  Personally, I get both now on a regular schedule (what?!? YES. Me. I'm finally practicin' my preachin's!) and I have seen such positive changes in my overall health.  Regular massage helps mobilize and heal the scar tissue in my surgery shoulder like nothing else. The resiliency of my immune system--- which is under constant attack by a barrage of preschool viruses and lack of sleep #thankskids--- has vastly improved through consistent Raindrops!!  I truly hope you will all give these modalities a try... and what better time than during the month of love and client appreciation? #TREATYOSELF 

Click the links above or contact the studio to get booked

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