Current Service Rates


New Client Introductory Special: Get to know Pilates the CIP way with a series of 1:1 Private sessions on the equipment.  (Note this package is the first step to get started with us and is required prior to booking any other Pilates sessions unless otherwise approved by management.) 55 Minutes.

Series of 3 Private Sessions:  $195 

(expires 30 days from activation; must be activated within 3 months of purchase)


Contrology Vault: 

Unlock the CIP vault of pre-recorded Mat Pilates sessions and power up your Pilates practice right from home or wherever you are!  Includes FREE monthly LIVE + Hang Sesh. 55 minutes. 


 3-Month Membership:  $29.99/month ($89.97 total) 

(auto-bill 1st of the month for 3 consecutive calendar months; cannot be pro-rated)


Appointments: Personalized instruction in-studio or virtually via Zoom. 55 minutes or as noted. 

  • Privates:  $93/session

  • 30-Minute Privates:  $50/session 

  • Duets:  $50/person (2 people)

  • 30-Minute Duets: $33/per person

  • Semi-Privates:  $36/session (3-4 people)



All fees are payable upon booking -- cash, check or charge (your credit/debit card must be on file to hold all appointments).  Sessions can be purchased individually or with a CIP CORE CARD (aka “bank account”). Use your Core Card funds on account toward any service or retail product. All Core Cards are arranged/purchased through CIP staff and are valid for 6 months; funds on account must be used within that time. 

  • $250 Core Card = standard rates apply

  • $500 Core Card = $3 discount per visit

  • $1,000 Core Card = $5 discount per visit


Your first taping is FREE!

Subsequent tapings are $15 or can be added on to Private appointments for just $10.


*Note: If functional/corrective exercises are required in conjunction with tape application, we will book a special 30-minute Private session or assessment/application and you will be given exercises to do on your own at home. Special Private sessions are $40 and booked separately.

Raindrop Technique

Introductory Raindrop sessions are now being offered at $88/session for a limited time.  This includes free consultation and Raindrop/Vitaflex education as you begin your journey with this new health modality.