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VIP Perks

… now for the the juicy stuff!!


Pilates gives you wings and helps you do everything in life BETTER ... we know this, right?  So when you commit to your Pilates experience with a CIP "Core Card," you truly wear those wings!  And we want to celebrate that YOU with you!!

Our CIP VIPs (aka Core Card members) earn access to exclusive perks that have been specially selected to enhance your experience and reward you for your loyalty — loyalty to yourself and to CIP.  These VIP Perks are available only to those with an active Core Card agreement. The goal is to celebrate, motivate, educate and inspire you to continue carving the time out of your busy life for self-care.


Core Cards are a simple, turn-key payment method for your time at CIP.  Consider it a CIP "bank account" with benefits. Ask us how to get started if you don't have yours set up yet, it's easy!​

Once you have your Core Card set up, loyalty has it's privileges ... here's what's in store for you:

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