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As a holistic wellness center, it is our pleasure to bring you a growing number of services to support your health and wellness needs in addition to our foundational offering of classical Pilates.  At CIP we believe wellness is a multi-faceted journey -- by combining multiple modalities together, we can make a difference! 

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featuring Pilates Mat, Barre, dance, nutrition, aromatherapy, sound baths, journeys through the chakras and various alternative wellness and self-care practices.


We are currently offering personalized reformer-based Pilates sessions, by appointment only.  These can be booked as a Private, Duet or Semi-Private session (3-5 /group).  Watch for our special events and pop-up zoom sessions as well!


Enjoy undivided attention with our Private sessions. 1-on-1 sessions are the fastest way to progress in Pilates. Get familiar with the equipment, vocabulary and the classical order of the exercises. Together, we will work to create a Pilates practice appropriate to your level of fitness, individual needs and goals utilizing the full range of Pilates apparatus (reformer, Cadillac/tower, chairs, barrels, ped-o-pul, mat, small props and other functional fitness equipment).  1 client, 1 instructor.


Note:  we REQUIRE a minimum of 3 Private sessions before you are eligible to sign up for semi-private equipment sessions!

(any exceptions are at discretion of management)


Sharing a session (2 people) is a more economical form of training, while maintaining most of the advantages of private sessions. The session is still individualized to your specific goals and needs and you may be doing different exercises from your partner depending on your individual needs. Consider an accountability buddy and schedule with a friend! 2 clients, 1 instructor.


Note:  you must complete our new client “Intro” Package or have instructor permission prior to scheduling a Duet.


A small group session is the most economical form of training, while also providing the fun spirit of working out with like-minded souls. Surprisingly perhaps, but although you are in a group, the session can still be individualized to your specific goals and needs.  Talk to your instructor if you are looking for something specific for particular body/health issues. Rest assured we are practicing all social distancing guidelines for everyone's health. 3-5 clients, 1 instructor. 

Note:  you must complete our new client “Intro Package" or have instructor permission prior to scheduling a Semi-Private.


Our online library of mat Pilates sessions and tutorials is the best way to enhance your in-studio practice, use as a stand-alone if you can't (or don't yet feel comfortable coming in real life) -- or if you live too far away! Enjoy on your own time, rewind to better understand an instruction -- challenge yourself to 4x/week for best results! Visit our Contrology Vault page for more information.


... every session is complete with the custom, personal attention you deserve!


... a variety of equipment is available to tailor to your needs and interests.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®️ includes the GYROTONIC®️ and GYROKINESIS®️movement methods. Both of these methods work the entire body to open energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system, increase one’s range of motion and create functional strength -- safely and effectively. This is achieved through flowing, rhythmic sequences like those found in swimming, yoga, gymnastics and tai chi. The benefits of GYROTONIC®️ and GYROKINESIS®️ exercise will lead to strength, flexibility, renewed energy and vitality and a general sense of well-being.


Additional Wellness Services

Contact us at to schedule a personal consultation and for further details on any of our Wellness Collective services or find our individual practitioner phone numbers on our "Contact" page.

  • KINESIOTAPING -- Another powerful tool in Amanda's holistic healing toolbox is the combination of Kinesiology taping and movement to drastically improve functional outcomes and manage pain.  Kinesiology taping improves movement, motor control, coordination, proprioception, stability and postural imbalances. Taping can reduce pain, addresses nerve entrapments, edema, swelling, bruising and can reduce scarring and improve scar mobility.  ​

  • AROMATHERAPY / ESSENTIAL OILS -- Let us help get you started incorporating essential oils into your every day life -- whether starting on a path of toxic-free living or addressing a specific health goal!  We have a resident Certified Aromatherapy Coach happy to guide you and most of our team is well-versed as well.  Every month in the Wellness Collective room, we feature a selection of some of our favorites!

  • RAINDROP TECHNIQUE -- Raindrop is a beautiful experience that reaches at a cellular level; balancing the body both physically and emotionally. Powered by the application of pure, authentic essential oils, Raindrop is a total body reset.  The technique draws from Native American healing modalities, a revolutionized technique from ancient Tibet, Chinese acupressure points and sound healing philosophies and provides a fascinating means of nurturing harmony.  Gentle and relaxing, recipients often feel immediate stress relief -- yet with consistency Raindrop can also dive deep and help unravel a host of significant health issues.

  • ESTHETICS -- Facials, body treatments and lash extensions await through Skin Logic Esthetics By Brandi.  Self-care is not selfish so be sure to treat yourself!  

  • MASSAGE -- Release the tension and relieve muscle kinks, knots and injuries throughout your body’s soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia).  Offering Swedish, Prenatal and Postpartum, Deep Tissue and specializing in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, you can rest assured our resident therapeutic massage therapist takes an anatomically specific approach to care using a firm and focused pressure to bring relaxation to overworked muscles.  

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