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So what exactly is the

Contrology Vault?

Welcome to the most flexible way to enrich your Pilates experience!


The Contrology Vault is our online library of pre-recorded mat Pilates sessions and tutorials:

> use it to enhance your in-studio practice

> use as a stand-alone when you can't get to the studio 

> or use it as your sole workout if you live out of town  


No matter how you put it to work for YOU, you'll benefit.  Power up your practice on your own time, rewind to better understand an instruction, pause and take care of the kids ... it's YOUR workout.

Ready to get your wings and POWER UP your Pilates skills?

Register here:

The Contrology Vault is a 3-month membership, auto-billed ($29.99) on the first of every month.  (Unless you are a CIP-VIP -- aka Core Card client -- in which case the CONTROLOGY VAULT is 100% complimentary!!)

In the Vault, you'll find: 

  • a variety of over 50 pre-recorded mat Pilates videos & tutorials 

  • Some longer (55 minute) videos to challenge you

  • Some shorter (30 minute) videos for those moments in between when you just can't find the time, but you know you want to!

  • plus, "tutorials" to focus in and refine skills

Every month of your membership, we'll email you a direct link to the Vault -- conveniently stored and accessible on YouTube.  No hunting around for how to access, just bookmark our page to easily return again and again throughout your membership.  

(Note:  please keep your link private ... you've paid for it.)

Accountability & Consistency - can you set aside 4 times/week?  YES, you can!  Remember, you can't do all the things unless you do YOU first.  So set aside time for yourself, you'll be happy you did.


Do 1 video a week, 4 times.  Or pick 4 videos, 1x each week, or mix and match!  The goal is to get your body moving at least FOUR TIMES A WEEK.


Of course, even more is great too and that's totally up to you.  The more you use the videos the more you save but at our minimum goal of 4x/wk it's less than the price of one in-studio session!!

Can't wait to see you in the Vault!

“If you will faithfully perform your Contrology exercises regularly 

only four times a week for just three months, 

you will find your body development approaching the ideal, 

accompanied by renewed mental vigor and spiritual enhancement.” 


-- Joseph H. Pilates

Return to Life Through Contrology 

(originally published 1945)

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