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Rejuvenate the Mind ... Balance the Body

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Raindrop Technique Comes to Core Integrity Pilates

Most people would agree that massage is a soothing and relaxing experience, right? Well what if I told you there was an amazing massage-like technique that could boost your path to wellness even more? I've come to realize on my own healing journey how important the balance of emotional and physical health is to our wellness goals. I discovered along the way the therapeutic benefits of Raindrop Technique can help get us there -- and I'm super excited to now share what I've discovered so you can enjoy to benefits, too.

So what is Raindrop Technique???

Stay with me and I'll explain more, but first, who am I??? Once upon a time I was the studio manager for a sweet little boutique Pilates studio run by a beautiful soul named Amanda. Yes! Our very own Amanda Smith, right here at Core Integrity Pilates. I've met many of you, worked out along side many of you and have yet to meet some of you as well.

Like many of us, the pandemic changed things for me ... perhaps you did a lot of inner work and reinventing yourself like I have? Who knew such a bump in the road could bring such joy!

It makes me smile to now be a fully-certified, CARE-trained (*) Raindrop Technique Specialist and not only be able to bring Raindrop to CIP -- but in doing so help Amanda bring to life a dream of hers. That of her beautiful Pilates studio being oh-so-much-more than "just" Pilates. Did you ever notice that the tagline for Core Integrity Pilates is "a boutique fitness studio & holistic wellness center?" Cool, right?! There's lots of excitement on the horizon that I'll save for Amanda to share soon ... this is just one step and I couldn't be more honored to be part of this new journey.

(* CARE is the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, the premiere Raindrop training organization.)

So let's go on ...

Our bodies have an innate ability to heal, if we'll only listen.

Raindrop Technique is a unique practice based on methods that stem from the Lakota Indians and the healing power & energy of the Aurora Borealis. The techniques rejuvenate the mind and balance the body. Sounds good, already, right? We all need a little rebalancing from time-to-time to help be as strong as we can be -- like Pilates, Raindrop helps us do life!

The best way I can describe Raindrop is to think of a massage, reflexology and acupressure all rolled into one -- enhanced with the power of pure, therapeutic essential oils -- yet, it is uniquely different.

When you experience a Raindrop you'll discover a specific selection of essential oils are used. These oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities and are applied like "drops of rain," gently feathered along the spine and applied via Vitaflex along the spinal reflex points of the feet.

Many people find they have an overall feeling of peace ...

a release of holding on to stress in the body and return to feeling

refreshed and energized.

They report sleeping better (even under a full moon!), recognize pain

has decreased and have more mobility.

Wait. Vitaflex???

Vitaflex is a term that actually means "vitality through the reflexes." Vitaflex creates currents along the nerve pathways throughout the body via a special form of electrical stimulation using a rolling motion of the fingertips -- this fires voltages into the body through our reflex points. Since sickness is often the result of blocked nerve pathways, Vitaflex helps drive the healing molecules of the essential oils to clear these pathways. The precise movement of the fingertips "jump-start" faulty electrical circuitry (like a car battery!), helping to restore proper function.

When all the techniques of Raindrop are combined -- Vitaflex, the "massage-like" techniques along the spine and the essential oils themselves -- it creates a synergistic and supportive effect on strengthening your body's immune system and natural ability to heal.

There is a science and chemistry behind truly pure essential oils that support why they do what they do and why the specific ones are selected for Raindrop ... but that's a chat for another time! Just believe me for now that they cleanse, heal and reprogram at a cellular level.

What are the benefits???

Where shall we start? Tell me, do you want to ...

  • Balance physical and emotional wellness

  • Strengthen and boost your immune system

  • Release stress and emotional trauma held in your body

  • Ease back pain, tight shoulders, sore muscles

  • Support and find relief for physical health conditions

  • Increase energy

  • Address spinal health and alignment

  • Improve restful sleep

  • Enhance functioning of your body systems (ie: lymphatic & respiratory system)

  • Reduce inflammation (believed to be at the root of so many ailments)

  • Detox from everyday toxins in our everyday world???

It's very likely Raindrop can help. Of course, true healing comes from within and from God; I am simply the facilitator blessed to be able to assist you on your health & wellness journey.

Thank You!

Thank you for diving in with me to explore Raindrop -- and also welcoming this amazing healing modality to Core Integrity! I look forward to sharing this with you all.


Hear What Others Have to Say...

"I was a test subject last night for Raindrop. And it was crazy good, despite how new Lisa is at it. I literally grew over an inch before to after. That's how compressed life, the world and gravity had me. I feel straighter, taller, more energetic and centered. Take my advice and get in line will not be disappointed."

- Kevin 11.13.20

"Thank you so much for the session … I felt like a load had been lifted after our session and I do believe it helped relieve some of the issues from my fall."

- Emily 12.10.20

"I'm here to tell Raindrop Therapy is amazing! Not only was I refreshed and renewed and a quarter of an inch taller but ... I slept unbelievable. Even during a full moon which never happens! Sign me up monthly!"

- Alice 6.4.21


Ready to balance your body?

Book your session this June for the introductory price of $88.

Got questions?

That's OK ... let's grab coffee (on me) and find some answers!

You can reach me at


"It is important to recognize that a healthy body is not attained by doing just one thing. It is a result of a well-rounded program of exercise, proper diet and sufficient sleep. Health is everything we do, say, see, eat and think."

- Essential Oils Desk Reference v5.0



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