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"Pick 3 Get One Free" Holiday Special 2023

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Not sure where to begin with your wellness goals for the New Year? We've got you covered!

At #CIPGSO, we believe in a holistic approach to health and harmony, which is why I work hard to bring you a collective of talented, magical individuals who offer a variety of nourishing, complimentary services. With so many wonderfully juicy options here in our collective, you can feel your way into the right combination of healing modalities to help grow you into the highest-vibing version of yourself in 2024!

This holiday season, I thought it would be super fun to offer you a chance to cherry pick your own "Wellness Package" to kick-start your New Year!

For a limited time, choose FOUR magically delicious services/treatments--- from the CIP Wellness Collective and other trusted women owned/operated businesses in our community--- for LESS than the price of THREE! Treat yourself, treat your fam or treat your best friend!! This is a deal you can't afford to pass up and a PERFECT gift idea for anyone in your life who is looking to feel better from the inside - out.

"YASSS QUEEN! What are my choices?"

I'm so glad you asked ;)

  1. Raindrop Technique Harmonics A unique rebalancing experience with the one and only Raindrop practitioner in the area, Lisa Murray. Utilizing several gentle, holistic techniques to create a synergistic effect for the body and mind, combined with the energetic power and frequencies of the purest essential oils, Raindrop sets in motion a healing process at a cellular level. Raindrop works to unlayer and release stuck emotions, support spinal health/alignment, ease muscle discomfort, increase energy, improve sleep, detox toxins and restore imbalances throughout the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous and respiratory systems.

  2. Swedish Massage In your 60-minute massage, the incredibly talented Carrie Plew, LMBT, will tailor the session to meet your body's unique needs.

  3. Therapeutic Yoga Session 55 minute session with Dr. Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, AT-Ret, who literally wrote the book on Medical Therapeutic Yoga. A 30 year veteran yoga educator, therapist, and doctor of physical therapy, Dr. G will take you through a session tailored to fit your needs and goals, which can include strength, flexibility, stress management, overall inflammation management, mental health, and/or other specific need. 

4. Thai Yoga Massage Session 55-minute session with Dr. Ginger Garner PT, DPT, AT-Ret, who is 25+ year expert in the field of physical therapy, sports medicine, and yoga massage. She will take you through an Ayuredic-based Marma Massage that combines yoga with marma (the Indian version of Acupressure) that improves not only joint mobility and tissue flexibility, but improves stress management, digestion, lymphatic flow, and overall mental well-being.

5. Signature Facial With the lovely Brandi Fuller of "Skin Logic Esthetics by Brandi" this facial experience will include LED light therapy and a mini reflexology session!

6. Classic Lash Session Let Brandi help you look your very best for all your holiday gatherings this season with a set of natural looking, classic lash extensions.

7. One Private GYROTONIC®️ Session With Pre Master Trainer- Hope Wolfe, GYROTONIC®️ movement allows for overall mobility, flexibility, and strength. This system will help rejuvenate not only your physical body, but also your mind and spirit!

8. One Private Pilates Session

With yours truly, Amanda Smith -- Pilates makes you better at LIFE and meets you exactly where you are. It strengthens what is weak and stretches what is tight. I help each individual cultivate and nurture a focused, consistent and ever-evolving Pilates practice, whatever that looks like for this season of your life. INjoy 55 minutes of classical Pilates with a master trainer, tailored to YOU!

"I'm IN!! So how does it work, exactly?"
Simply go to to purchase your "Buy 3 Get One FREE" holiday package for just $299... that's less than the cost of just 3 of these amazing experiences and you're scoring one COMPLETELY FREE #mindblown

Select 4 of the above services (how will you ever decide?!) and email your choices to me as soon as you purchase. I will then give you the contact information for each of the individual practitioners to book your services!

The fine print...
You have until April 30, 2024 to use your 4 pack of fun! All purchases are final, services are non-refundable, 24-hour cancellation policies apply and gratuities are NOT included (no exceptions here so please choose and schedule wisely!) .

Please choose ONLY ONE of each service and INjoy exploring all the services our amazing practioners in the collective have to offer. 


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Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
13 dic 2023

incredible opportunity to "taste-test" all CIP has to offer ... happy to be part of it!

Me gusta
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