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It's Such a GOOD VIBRATION... Frequency-Based Healing, coming to the CIP Soul Space

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Get ready to take a magic carpet ride...
on our VibroTune Vibrational Sound Table!

Hand-crafted by my dear friend Alexander Tuttle, creator of the J.U.S.T. Philosopy and the Wise Whys podcast and brought to us by another beautiful soul, Toni Puckett, the sound table brings a magical new experience to your healing journey. This therapy has been known to assist many with relaxation, calming of the mind, mental focus or clarity, deeper sleep patterns, pain relief, emotional release, energy alignment, grounding, or centering.

Here is a description directly from the table designer himself:

"These state-of-the-art, custom made-to-order Sound Therapy products produce gentle frequency-based vibrations throughout your whole body in a relaxing and nurturing manner. A Vibro Tune vibrational sound therapy session massages the physical, calms the mental, nurtures the emotional, centers the energetic and deepens your spiritual connection.

While remaining fully clothed, you will be listening to the music via headphones as your body and energetic field absorb the vibrations like a sonic sponge. You hear and feel the music simultaneously washing over you bringing you into a harmonious state of mind, body and energetic bliss. Just lie down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and release… as the sounds and vibrations begin moving in and around your body, a floating sensation begins, you release, relax and let the vibrations take you away."

Vibrotune table rides will become an integral part of the #CIPwellnesscollective 's "Soul Space" beginning in 2024... we are SO GRATEFUL and absolutely cannot wait to share this phenomenal tool with you, our friends, to help deepen your healing journey.

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