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Let's compare medicine chests!

4 incredible "musts" you'll want to have, too.

New for YOU this month in A’s APOTHECARY…

Whether you are recovering from the ‘Rona or trying hard to avoid the plague, these sups are gonna support your immune system and cardiovascular health in all the right ways! Vimergy products are the CLEANEST, gentlest, most effective products I have EVER found on the market -- which is why I brought them straight to you in the studio. Finding alcohol free,10:1 liquid tinctures is almost impossible, especially at an affordable price. This company is the best!

Let's take a look at our newest additions:

1. USDA Organic Chaga Powder

Looking for a coffee alternative? Chaga mushroom is the perfect substitute to start your morning, without the effects of caffeine. Vimergy's Organic Chaga Powder comes as an instant tea, so just add a teaspoon to hot water and enjoy.

50grams- $21

Real strength comes from the inside out. Having a strong immune system is essential to staying healthy so you can live your best life. The Wildcrafted Chaga mushroom has been used for over 2,000 years and is still popular today as a health tonic. Enjoy a quick cup of warming, dark, nutty Vimergy USDA Organic Chaga Powder anytime throughout the day!

*My Tip: add a teaspoon (or more) of RAW honey to help drive the medicinal mushroom goodness into your cells! I love adding a scoop of Chaga to my MudWtr…not gonna lie, I really LOVE it with oat milk creamer and the honey!! You can also add to a smoothie/shake or your coffee.

2. USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup

Vimergy Elderberry Syrup is a fantastic way for adults and children to support their immune systems! In every serving the one-of-a-kind formulation gives you 15,040mg herbal equivalency of organic, fresh elderberries -- plus an additional 100mg of buffered vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach and 1,000mg herbal equivalency of organic, fresh mulberries! Made with organic raw honey, Vimergy Elderberry Syrup is in a league of its own. It also tastes good, making it an especially great option for children or adults!

8oz- $32

Elderberry Syrup is known for its immune-supporting properties, which makes it a fantastic supplement to include during cold and flu season, or all year-long! But not every elderberry syrup offers the trifecta of potency, quality and cleanliness of ingredients ... many have added ingredients such as sugar, citric acid, alcohol, or natural or artificial flavors that are not ideal. Vimergy Elderberry Syrup is sweetened only with organic raw honey and organic mulberry extract; never any sneaky flavors, citric acid or alcohol. And even better, each serving also gives you 100mg of added buffered vitamin C, taking this Elderberry Syrup to a new level of health support. This is a great way to get this gentle vitamin C into your children. You can use Elderberry for immune support, cardiovascular support, skin health and as an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C. Vimergy Elderberry Syrup couldn’t be easier to take: simply pour or spoon out one teaspoon and take 1-2 times daily. You can enjoy it straight from a teaspoon for a yummy boost or add it to water, juice or a smoothie.

*My Tip: it is incredible stuff — much more powerful than what I've made at home. But it is VERY THICK, so I like to add some filtered water after the first dose is out and shake to thin it out. This way I can actually give it to my child in a syringe. We generally add it to smoothies or my homemade banana berry ice cream, instead of honey.

3. Melatonin

Struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Poor sleep can wreak havoc with your health, happiness, productivity, relationships and every area of life. For relief of occasional sleeplessness, try Vimergy Melatonin.

120 capsules- $20

There’s not much worse than starting a new day with little sleep or poor quality sleep. Vimergy Melatonin is here for you if you’re looking for assistance with occasional sleeplessness. If that’s you, melatonin may reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, increase sleep efficiency and increase total sleep duration. Vimergy Melatonin has 5mg of melatonin in every capsule and is free of any additives, preservatives, gelatin, gluten and corn.

*My Tip: I take Melatonin for other reasons then just better sleep… did you know that it gives a great immune boost, offers cellular protection, helps with anxiety, reduces symptoms of SAD, aids in eye health and even reduces acid reflux symptoms?

4. Vimergy Organic Olive Leaf 10:1 Liquid Extract

One of the best ways to protect your health is by supporting your immune system to do its critical job of defending you against outside invaders. That’s when immune-supporting herbs such as olive leaf can help! Vimergy Organic Olive Leaf 10:1 Liquid Extract provides you with 2000mg Herbal Equivalency of olive leaf in each serving. Olive leaf also supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

115ml- $22

Olive leaf from Olea europaea, the olive tree, is native to the Mediterranean. Olive Leaf extract contains Oleuropein, which is considered to be one of its most beneficial substances. Compared to olive oil, olive leaves contain much higher concentrations of healthy phenolic compounds. Olive leaves have a rich history of nutritional, medicinal, and ceremonial uses.

*My Tip: Hello Rona recovery, this stuff is serious

for your immune system and cardiovascular support!

Very helpful in overcoming bronchial infections.


Ready to refresh your medicine chest? Stay proactive with your healthcare - next time you're in the studio ask about the CIP Apothecary and let's get you started! We have all of these on hand for instant gratification!

Watch for our new Apothecary page on our website coming soon!

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