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Lemon, Ginger and Raw Honey Water

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Your Grandma was onto something when she forced these ingredients down your ailing throat... however, this particular recipe is more about cleansing and rehydrating than quieting a cough (read: no whisky, Granny!). Of course you may adapt as you see fit ; )

The healing power of simple lemon water is remarkably hydrating, alkalizing, and cleansing for your body. It's a GREAT way to kick off your morning! I start every single day with 32 oz of freshly squeezed lemon water on an empty stomach. I hold off putting any other food/drink/supplement in my body for 20 - 30 minutes so that the citrus can do its work to flush my system out and re-hydrate by body after a night of sleep and preparation to release stored toxins. Think about it... those poisons need a liquid vehicle to exit your organs/body, so open those floodgates and send them on their way!!!

You can amplify the healing affects of this simple drink by adding freshly grated ginger and RAW honey! Drink chilled for a refreshing boost in the morning or to sip throughout your day. You may also choose to heat it and drink as a warm, soothing tea to aid in digestion after dinner or in the evening before bed.

for a 32 oz serving you will need:

  • 4 cups of filtered water

  • 1-2 whole lemons, juiced (I love using Meyer's lemons when available- they are big, juicy and so sweet!!)

  • 2-4 inches of fresh ginger, grated (I grate until it gets down to a nub and I start fearing for the safety of my finger tips... then I use a garlic press like a tee-tiny juicer for those end pieces! Be sure to use the pulp in the water to steep out all the goodness.)

  • 2 (or more) teaspoons of Raw Honey

and then you're gonna...

  • grate/press the ginger and add to the water. let it steep for at least 30 minutes, but it's best to leave in fridge overnight!

  • strain the ginger pulp and add the lemon and honey.

  • INJOY!


  • Choose organic whenever possible! Even organic produce MUST be thoroughly washed as there is still a legal level of pesticides used even in organic farming.

  • The honey must be RAW, and I've got the BEST Raw Organic Canadian Honey here in the Apothecary... check out what makes this honey so unique!! You will not get the benefits from regular heat-processed honey.

  • Make a large batch of ginger water and let it sit and steep for a couple days as you go through it. Technically you don't add the lemon and honey until just before drinking (though I have let it steep with all 3 ingredients and it was fine... #imlazy)

*this recipe and so many others can be found in the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams' book, "Cleanse To Heal" . I HIGHLY recommend the everyone have a hard copy of this book in their home.

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Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
Nov 09, 2021

great tips; thanks!

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