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Energy, Magic & Your Inner Self

The Mystics Oracle Deck

by Isabella - blog contributor


Have you ever received a gift and instantly felt it's magic? That's what happened to me recently when I received a beautiful deck of cards called "The Mystics Oracle Deck." Full of beauty visually, I couldn't wait to explore all they had to offer!

"The Mystics Oracle Deck" shares a look into your spiritual health and is different than traditional card decks. It's less about memorizing symbols and meanings that each card represents and more about what the message uniquely means to you. Allowing you to tap into the insights shared and draw your own conclusions about your inner self for your innate inner healing and growth.

Perhaps you are new to the concept of oracle cards -- they have existed since ancient times to access wisdom. Today we can use the cards as tools for self-confidence and mindfulness. Unlike tarot cards, each oracle card is vague and open to interpretation!

If you are looking for a deck that speaks to you, I highly recommend this one which includes:

  • 44 card deck

  • gorgeous, visual design that blends themes, vibrant colors and wisdom

  • booklet of insights with a description of each card's energy and guidance

So what are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are essentially designed to help you get in touch with your inner self ... your own inner knowing. The idea is that your intuition guides you to pull the specific card meant for you; filled with information that will help lead you toward a certain path to follow or energy you need to cultivate within yourself.

How are they used?

Whether you are new to cards or familiar with using them ... or perhaps even a professional intuitive reader ... I promise you will love this deck! Personally I like to start with a short meditation ... something intentional reflecting what's currently on my heart. Then I pick the first three cards my eyes are drawn to. (You might also ensure you are in a quiet, restful place and gather your favorite crystals, essential oils or anything that brings you peace.)

They say the more readings you give yourself or share with others, the more you connect to your intuition and to your deck. So don't give up!

What is a card like?

Poetically written each card guides you on your own unique spiritual journey ... energy filled with inspiration and positivity for your life. You'll find reminders to stay grateful, have confidence in yourself and learn to become wiser from life's "mistakes."

My favorite card is Number 23 -- "ABOVE."

Guidance: Turn Your Attention to the Heavens

Signposts: Heaven | Angels | Starlight

(note: guidance quotes and signposts are found on every card!)

This card describes the idea of consciousness of our early experiences. It talks of the beauty of the realms above. To me this card represents that I am not alone and there is a plan for my life. What do you think it would mean to YOU??? This is how miracles are born! How we can learn self-care and healing by allowing messages to resonate on a personal level. The messages are open to interpretation and the outcome may change depending on what you do with the guidance.

Perhaps the concept may feel more at-home for you when you think of Pilates -- we each connect on our movement journey somewhat differently yet we all reap the benefits. We find comfort in accomplishment and transformation -- Pilates gives you wings and so does the ABOVE card!

IMAGINE ... a world where we could all be true to ourselves ... one day at a time. The Mystics Oracle Deck just may help you get there!

Ready to grab a set for yourself or as a thoughtful, caring gift this holiday season? They are about to be available in Amanda's A-List Apothecary!!! Mark your calendars for December 8th... we'll be hosting a holiday hang that evening where you can shop your heart out! I will be there doing some card readings for fun :)

Contact to reserve your deck-- there's a limited supply, so don't wait!

The Mystics Oracle deck holds wisdom from many cultures, geographies and influences. Weaving Tarot, Nature Connection, modern mysticism and the lost arts, this deck celebrates our diversity and invites us deeper into the knowing of our unique gifts within the collective.

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