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Finding Peace Amidst the Storm

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Rainy day musings

Today as I sat on my porchio (a fun combination of screened porch + patio and one of my favorite tranquil havens), I watched the sky change from sunshine to stormy clouds and the trees start to sway and the dogs curled up and cuddled nearby for safety. And, I felt blessed.

How reassuring to feel secure, sheltered and safe in a storm!

I love it. The rainy day and the connection to nature is so grounding -- it's actually the perfect time to stop with the hustle and bustle and catch up on a project, maybe read that book (anyone else forget how to read?!) or simply allow whatever thoughts to meander on through your brain.

Part of my ambience ... one of my favorite candles -- bringing more magic amidst the raindrops!

That candle is actually what prompted me to write today. There's something so soothing about a flickering flame, don't you think? The candle was calming and distracting at the same time as it captured my thoughts and took me away from the task at the time that I was trying to accomplish.

Not necessarily a bad thing ... it's actually super important for our health to stop and find time to reflect in your day!

Note - please be careful with the candles you think you are enjoying ... many can actually be counter-productive to your health. Did you know there are toxins in the "fragrance," the wax and even the wick? All just as bad as the toxins in our personal care and cleaning products we talk about all the time. I know we all love the flicker of the flame ... just be sure to look before you light.

One of our favorites here at Core Integrity Pilates is Multifaceted -- try 'em and you might just meet your new favorite candle, too! (Multifaceted just so happens to be the creation of Christina, one of our CIP clients, so we might be a little biased ... but I promise, you'll definitely be wow'd by these beautiful, handmade and toxic-free candles.)

I'm thinking much of life is like "porchio life" on a rainy day ... if we can focus on those little bits and pieces, we might just find some peace!

Hoping you find a spot of peace in your rainy days!!

- lisa

My Multifaceted candle: RAINSTORM -- perfection, yes?!


You can find a number of stress relieving resources at Core Integrity Pilates!

Pilates, of course, with it's mind-body therapeutic connection ... Lemon Balm is a delicious and wonderful supplement (on sale - 20% off this month - in Amanda's Apothecary!) ... Stress Away; a "roll-on" essential oil blend -- plus you'll find the Wellness Collective offering Massage, Reflexology and Raindrop Technique.

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