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How can I afford to do Pilates...?

So, you are ready to get started with Pilates- YAAAS!

Maybe you have some specific health goals you are motivated to meet. GREAT! Pilates has your back.

Do you want to be able to get on/off the floor to play with your grandkids without writhing in agony? That is understandable! Pilates can help you.

Perhaps you want to feel and look your very best for your wedding in 6 months--- MmmHmm, you KNOW Pilates is your one-way ticket to Sexyville!!

Did your chiropractor or orthopedist encourage you to take up Pilates? SMART DOCTOR, please keep seein' them ;)

Whatever your "WHY" is for wanting to begin a Pilates practice, you are ready, you are inspired, you got some cute gear to wear to the studio.... aaaaaaand you are on a budget (womp-womp). Like a real tight one. So you start looking at rates and now you are freaking out.



You CAN afford to do Pilates, I assure you.

And I am here to show you how.

It is actually one of the most economical forms of exercise there is! All you really need is yourself and a mat. Hell, even a beach towel on the carpet will work. Seriously people, that is the bottom line.

Pilates makes you better at LIFE. Pilates is intelligence in motion. Pilates is effective, efficient and empowering. Through every season of your life, Pilates meets you exactly where you are. And yes, I believe that means financially as well as physically. It is a mission of mine to bring Pilates to every BODY who wishes not just to survive, but to THRIVE.

Your Pilates practice is malleable; it can change to fit your current lifestyle, and probably will many times over the years if you keep it up.

I started Pilates as a freshman in college in 1998. I fell in love with it immediately. I needed it in my life like I needed air. It made me feel alive and it took my aches and pains away from dancing and running. Do you think I ran right out and bought my own reformer? Do you think I could afford even one single private session?? LOLOL. Yeah right. I was eating ramen (the 99 cent kind, not that fancy shit that people are into now) and working at Tweetsie Railroad as a can-can girl just to get gas money to drive home. So NO, my broke ass was doing the MAT WORK. Period. And that was enough.

Fast forward to graduating from college with a Dance degree... I'm waiting tables full time at the Country Club just to get health insurance. I'm dancing professionally with companies in Greensboro, Mount Airy, Winston Salem, Durham and Raleigh. I'm BUSY. And I am BROKE.

I decide that I have got to find a way to stop running myself ragged to make ends meet so it's either grad school or maybe I'll pursue this Pilates thing a bit more...

Basically y'all, I had to make this my career to be able to afford it... so I GET IT.

Lemme get to the point here...

If you can do something as effective, efficient and empowering as Pilates100% FREE for the rest of your life, don't you think it is worth investing a little bit of money in a quality education NOW so that you can get the most out of the method till kingdom come??


So for those who are on a seriously tight budget, here is what I recommend you do: *Make an investment in your health and train with a comprehensively certified instructor who can help you understand what exercises are and are NOT appropriate for you and how to properly execute them. At CIP, everyone starts with the intro package. It is $195 for 3 private sessions where you have 55 minutes of my undivided attention to focus on your individual needs and current goals.

If your current goals are to be able to do Pilates 5 days a week for $0, I will see to it that we get you SOLID in your prescribed mat exercises. We will use the equipment in your sessions to help your body understand how to fire up the right muscles to do the mat work correctly. I will give you homework and free resources like THIS BLOG, tutorials on my YouTube channel or our IGTV to help you remember/review all the nuances of each mat exercise! You take what you learn and you practice 4-5x/week for about 30 minutes. I even have some Power Pilates mat DVD's still laying around... so if you still own a DVD player, mention this blog post and I'll give you one for free with your purchase of the Intro Package!!

If you are a visual learner, have a hard time motivating yourself to practice at home, or just want the energy of my instruction, consider a "Contrology Vault" Membership which includes 4 pre-recorded mat videos + 1 LIVE zoom with "hang sesh" for just $29.99/month for 3 consecutive months. Do the classes as many times as you like during the month and enjoy a monthly live class where I can check your form and give you feedback in real time!!

If your budget allows, schedule a "tune-up" whenever possible (monthly, bi-monthly, whatever you can do!) and I will help you continue to progress, improve and tweak your practice. I offer 1 hour or 30 minute private sessions which can be booked anytime through me directly,

Let's say after your Intro Package, you want to continue training on the apparatus in the studio, but when you see the private session cost it literally makes your drink come flying out your nose (another great reason to skip the soda!). No worries! Join a duet or semi and share the cost while still getting the attention of a nearly private session. This allows you to train more often for less $. Couple weekly semi-privates with the convenience and low cost of the "Contrology Vault" and BAM, you have yourself a badass Pilates practice!!

Listen y'all, I know. The equipment is WONDERFUL, it really is. It supports you, it challenges you, it keeps you safe and aligned and it's just fun to use. I get it!! BUT, you have to understand, that in order to have a Pilates practice, it does NOT mean that you have to be on the equipment doing private sessions 4-5x a week. It's just not true. (Now if that is available to you, by all means, GO FOR IT! #liveyourbestlife). Remember, Joe built the equipment to teach us how to do his Contrology exercises which we now call the "mat work". The springs are there to inform you, not to carry you... at it's core, Pilates is about YOU resisting gravity.

It is my mission to make Pilates affordable for EVERYONE. I am here to help each individual cultivate and nurture a focused, consistent and ever-evolving Pilates practice, whatever that looks like for this season of your life. #movementheals

Reach out to me if you need help getting started. If you are serious about your training and being consistent, I am here to help you make it happen!! Where there is a will, there is a way. I am as creative as they come, so if you are motivated, together we will find the perfect way to make Pilates work with your budget and schedule.

So what are you waiting for? ;)

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1 Comment

Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
May 08, 2021

what a difference in my life - physically AND emotionally - Pilates has made! Without doubt, I can't imagine ever stopping now ... even at my ripe old age. ;)

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