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Do you read your labels?

This is actually an important question. You might be surprised why you should. Let's find out why . . .

Are you like me? I never use to read the fine print on labels. I'd look at the front side ... and think was the packaging pretty? Did it say "natural" or "organic?" That type of thing.

I've been aware of the need to ditch-and-switch for years now, tossing toxic products out of my home one-by-one and replacing with clean, plant-based, healing ones instead.

If you're not aware, please go do some research (after reading this!). It's crazy and sometimes scary the synthetic ingredients and toxins that are all around us ... in our cleaning products, personal care products and even our food. Stuff that wreaks havoc with our respiratory system, are hormone disruptors and even carcinogenics.

What I learned this week though shocked and concerned me even with what I already know -- so I really felt compelled to share. This is important and everyone should know so you can make your own choices ... but you shouldn't be deceived, that's for sure.

Perhaps you have been??

Have you heard of "greenwashing?"

Greenwashing is when companies claim their product ingredients are clean and pure and healthy for you ... when in fact they are loaded full of toxins {sometimes hiding under terms like “fragrance,” "parfum" or “flavoring.”) Sometimes it's an environmental impact as well.

There are some major companies that do this that would likely surprise you. (I'll let you dive in on that, or perhaps we'll revisit as a deeper topic in a future blog.)

Titanium Dioxide

Latest on the radar is the controversy on "titanium dioxide" as a food additive in Skittles. Yes, those yummy little fun candies we all loved so much as kiddos. Well, it also turns out it's not just found in bags of rainbow colored candies -- it's also been discovered in "organic" feminine hygiene products! (eek)

Titanium dioxide is a pigment used to make the cotton appear whiter. OK, white is nice, but given that titanium dioxide has been declared a human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer ... I'm gonna have to say NO.

Titanium dioxide was banned in 2021 by the European Food Safety Authority because it could no longer be considered safe. Yet the US Food and Drug Administration has not banned the substance. Titanium dioxide can be found in supplements, cosmetics, sunscreen, cereal, disposable diapers and many other products ... even paint. Some pet stores won't even supply pet food that contains the chemical.

That's confusing to me.

I'm sure you can find arguments. There always are. But who has time for that?? Personally I'd much prefer to rely on companies I can trust.

There Are Toxins All Around Us

The reality of life today is that we are bombarded with chemical and synthetic exposure. And, as mentioned, many of these chemicals have been associated with contributing to cancer and other medical problems. Every day products and foods, little by little, one "little bit" by one "little bit," wreaking havoc with our health.

Friends, THIS IS WHY you'll see only the best of the best and well-researched products promoted at Core Integrity Pilates. Amanda CARES ABOUT YOU. It's never about just selling something, it's about sharing what she's discovered and believes to be THE BEST.

From head-to-toe ... Awesome Toes, Personal Fans, Essential Oils, Supplements in the Apothecary ... practitioners in the Wellness Collective ... it all matters and it's all carefully selected.

Who can you trust?? Let's shed the light wherever we can. If you know of a product to stay away from (or one to run toward!) please comment below and let us know!

If you like the idea of finding the right supplements and replacement products for your health, talk to Amanda -- while we don't "prescribe," we certainly can point, guide, direct! And we don't have to look farther than our very own favorite studio.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S. If you don't want to take our word for it, that's OK ... but please, please, do your research. We're sharing our favorites at CIP with the hope that it helps.

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