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A name is just a name . . . or is it???



Once upon a time, you were given a name. So was I. It was what we were to be called, what we were (and are) referred to as ... We would hear it, see it, write it, read it every day ... it would follow us always.

Let's think about that. That's pretty powerful, right?!

So what if we pause and think even a little further about the meaning behind our name. Because that "meaning" could very well be the inspiration we need headed into 2021.

You've likely heard of the recent trend of picking a "word" instead of setting a new year's resolution, but why not go a step further and make that word YOUR name. Couldn't get more personal than that!

I did a little digging to check out some "familiar" names of folks you might recognize too (ha) to see how this might work ...

> Amanda -- "love," "worthy of love"

> Lucas -- "bringer of light"

> Lisa -- "consecrated to God"

> Kevin -- "handsome" (oh, good gracious! please don't tell my husband. ha)

Let's see then ... for me, Lisa, what if I were to dedicate my year to putting God first? No matter your religion, you get the idea, I hope. Release and give to your "higher power." Think before you speak or act; be kind whenever possible (it is always possible). Put all my actions, intentions, goals, resolutions, etc etc for the new year under this umbrella. I bet I would feel stronger; and I bet the people around me would feel the positive vibration. Win-win.

Speaking of vibrations. Everything is a vibration. Words included. The words we say and think, impact our daily lives. They carry love. They hide lies. If words can have vibration, imagine what a name carries?

Does your name match your energy? Does it help you create a vision path for the new year?

We'd love to hear if you are setting intentions for the new year. If you are, why not choose your "word" by tapping into the meaning of your name. And let us know how this twist works for you throughout the year!

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