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Are you a morning person?

Pilates for a Monday morning ... or any morning.

Oh gosh, here we are (again) -- is it really Monday morning already?!

I have a an idea. What if we put this old thought in the "mindset shift" category? What if we woke up and said "YAY!"

Are you rolling your eyes already? OK to be honest, I might be too if I was reading this. I am NOT a morning person. I'd rather stay up late and sleep till my body say's "OK." But lately I've been trying to be a little more pro-active about the start to my day.

Sometimes it's a walk with my dog, Ziggy. But sometimes, I actually sneak in some Pilates.

What I've found is now the first thing I want to do rolling out of bed is stretch ... reach for the sky and lengthen out my whole body. The older I get the more I wish I could get on some sort of stretching machine (aka reformer? ha!). Point being, pausing to do a few Pilates stretches no matter how simple ... or hop online for a full session ... or get to my favorite studio is now even more of a priority in every week - no matter the time of day.


3 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates in the Morning

  • it can jumpstart your metabolism waking up muscles and organs -- as well as your mind -- to embrace the day

  • it is gentle, yet powerfully effective, on a body that's been at rest all night

  • it will set a positive tone for the rest of the day giving you a sense of accomplishment from the very start (even if the rest of the day falls apart!)


Of course, Pilates is great any time of day. But there's something special about sneaking in some quick stretches in the morning to help start the day on a healthy, energized note! Even if I head to the studio later in the day.

If you haven’t tried Pilates in the morning, I encourage you to give it a try!

Grab a big glass of lemon water and bookmark Amanda's YouTube videos and find a favorite! Perhaps it's a simple flow like this one -- or for even more of a challenge, try the CIP Contrology Vault! A CIP Contrology Vault membership gives you the flexibility to do Pilates anytime, anywhere. Or, perhaps you'd prefer to book an in-studio session and hop on that stretching machine (aka reformer).

So what do you think ... are you ready to get your body moving for the day ahead?!

Tell us -- what's your favorite time of day for Pilates??

Core Integrity Pilates is a boutique fitness and holistic wellness studio nestled in the amazing Revolution Mill complex in Greensboro NC. The mission at CIP is to inspire, empower and educate all bodies while promoting a balanced lifestyle through the healing power of movement and preventative healthcare. The connection between body and mind is at the heart of the Pilates system and it is the passion at CIP to guide you into discovering your natural strength and flexibility. Visit Core Integrity Pilates @

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Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
Aug 25, 2022

Love this, Lisa!!! #riseandshine

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