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So You've Unlocked the Contrology Vault

... and you're ready to get your WINGS. Now what??

How do you stay motivated at home? How do you find that special mojo to keep you pushing toward those wings?

Tap into your inner power and consider this:

* You made a PROMISE to yourself... and that is the MOST IMPORTANT kind to keep! This is about CONSISTENCY in order to see and feel CHANGE, not "just" moving your body when you feel like it. So put it on your calendar. Schedule your days AROUND your workouts. Treat it with the same respect you would a doctor's appointment... because if you do more of these workouts, you are likely to have far less of those!

* Remember I am right there with you... watching and cheering you on! Yes, I'm magic like that and can see right through the recordings just like I can see right through your clothing to your bones in the studio. Kidding (kinda), but there is some comfort knowing we've all made this COMMITMENT together! I am here for you anytime you have questions, need another modification for an exercise, require a more thorough explanation or something, or you just want to say, "hey man, that one was really freakin hard", or "hold up- exactly where is my THASS again??"

“If you will faithfully perform your Contrology exercises regularly only four times a week for just three months, you will find your body development approaching the ideal, accompanied by renewed mental vigor and spiritual enhancement.”

-- Joseph H. Pilates

Return to Life Through Contrology

originally published 1945

* Consider the convenience you now have of being able to just roll out of bed in your PJ's and jump start your day!! Go ahead, be your hot mess self. No tooth-brushing or primping; no driving or parking necessary. The point is to enhance whatever you were doing before (with the GOAL of 4x/week)

* And I don't mind -- go ahead and PAUSE, REWIND, FAST FORWARD, even MUTE as you wish--- and we all know you don't get those luxuries in the studio! The advantage is that allows you to drill down and really hear the cues I'm offering, or look super close at my form (which is sometimes not that great, but hey, I practice what I preach and I am honoring my body where it is each day and just rolling with it!) and let both guide you. Then practice, practice practice ... and YOU WILL SURPRISE YOURSELF! This also means you get to fast forward over the parts your body really should not be or doesn't feel like doing on any given day! Be smart. When in doubt LEAVE IT OUT.

* GO WITH THE FLOW -- please, please, please remember to give yourself grace. "Progress over perfection". Pat yourself on the back for unlocking the vault in the first place. Then for opening that first video ... then the second... and then maybe accomplishing that boomerang!

Above all HAVE FUN! Don't forget to breath, connect your legs to your seat (aka: use your THASS!) and your arms to your back. Pilates is a FULL BODY WORKOUT that uses all the muscles in a uniform manner. So whatever you are doing, do it with your whole body. That is what makes it Pilates, and Pilates makes you a badass!!!

Can't wait to see you all wearing your wings -- you already do in my book.

Post a picture of you doing your at-home vault workout and help encourage your friends!!! #CIPGSO #CIPVAULT Let's chat about it on the FB page! When we have a bigger following I will create a private FB group for everyone. Please utilize the resources available, spread the word--- invite your friends from anywhere on earth to join us! Talk about what you love, what you struggle with, what you want more of, less of... let's make this community amazing and watch our bodies and lives change for the better, TOGETHER.



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1 Comment

Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
Feb 25, 2021

#iunlockedthevault ... working on my wings! ;)

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