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First Crack at Spinach Soup

So tonight I gave Anthony William's Spinach Soup recipe a try...

and I must say, it was not half bad, despite my overzealous use of garlic!

A richly flavored, brilliantly colored, cold soup, this dish is packed with leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and herbs in a digestible form that is simple to put together. If you are looking for more ways to incorporate greens into your diet, up your vitamin and mineral intake and curb cravings for the "trouble-maker foods", look no further than this bowl of cool green goodness!

This recipe, along with so many others, can be found in the NY Times Best Selling book,

by Anthony William, Medical Medium.

I seriously cannot recommend enough that anyone who is even remotely interested in bettering their health--- especially if they suffer from a chronic, autoimmune or mystery illness--- buy their own copy of his books. They are filled with life-saving information, protocols, recipes, cleanses, supplement options, even healing meditations and activities to help you along the way. No fads, no trendy diets, no BS.

Check it out, it's on sale right now

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