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Are you lost??

Spring Cleaning: Wellness Living Style.

You know that sense of feeling lost? No one likes that. It's confusing. It frazzles our brain and our spirit. When we can feel empowered we regain confidence and the ability to seize the day! #carpediem

Sometimes it's simple little things that are feeling like a mountain that make all the difference -- like perhaps understanding the "how to" of Wellness Living! Anyone with me on that one?!? If so, this is certainly an area we can help you not feel lost.

Wellness Living, as most of you know, is our online client portal -- a place where we store your contact and billing information and track your schedule. But it's also a place for YOU.

Did you realize right at your fingertips you can:

  • double check your upcoming schedule

  • review past attendance

  • update credit/debit card info (was your card recently compromised? expired? simply want to handle your billing differently??)

  • register for special events

With Spring upon us it's the perfect time to refresh and renew that spirit of clarity -- something we always aim for you to find at CIP. Whether it's your mind-body connection on the reformer or your understanding of your profile account in Wellness Living!

So, here's a quick snapshot to walk you through a few key features. We first shared it last fall, so pardon the reference to holidays ... but everything old is new again!

NOTE: Please pay special attention to the "Billing" part where we walk you through where to find and update your credit/debit card info. This is going to be more and more important as we're really asking you to help us out by keeping your info up-to-date. That lets us focus on what we do best - teaching you Pilates! Less admin, more teaching!

Watch the quick video below. We'd love to hear if it helps you out.

Still got questions? Shoot us a message at

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