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Are you a skilled "teaser"? 👀

Updated: May 1, 2021

I love juxtaposing the aspects of Pilates and Life.

Mostly because Pilates makes you BETTER at life, in ALL ways 💫 it’s true!

Yes, I’m a big nerd 🤓 I own that.

So like all things in life, mastering the Pilates “teaser” is a process... and (spoiler alert)

🔑 there is no one perfect way to learn it or to execute it!🔑

You simply acquire skills, build strength, and then you PRACTICE.

And, it’s not just about finding your teaser it on the mat... in order to really “get it” on the mat, Joe designed all the other apparatus in his studio. 🧩 Using the resistance of the straps and spring helps guide your muscles to the oppositional energies needed to find and feel each exercise! 🚀

Aaaand, you do not get better at the teaser just by doing 50 million teasers🦵👋🤜☠️🐴....

you get better at teaser by doing all the other exercises (in their actual order!) that come before it!

Your goal should be to get strong and flexible enough to cultivate the challenging shape of the teaser ✔️ and then to be able to maintain the shape when adding the element of other moving parts (like arms or legs, or springs or a carriage!) 🤪🤹‍♂️ Stabilize then mobilize.

⭐️ BTW, these things are true for any/all mat exercises, not just your teaser!! ⭐️

To slay your teaser, you need strong abs (all of them), a strong seat, outer hips, inner thighs and upper back! You need to learn to reach your arms from your back and your legs from your waist and seat.

🤔 OK, so how do you get yourself ready to be ready for this?? What are the most IMPORTANT exercises that you need to practice and which apparatus should you be visiting to help you get ready to nail your teaser on the mat....?

👉 on the mat: 100, roll up, rolling like a ball, double leg stretch, spine stretch fwd ➡️ open leg rocker, magic teaser, single leg teasers, boomerang 🪃, hip circles/can-can... and allll the other ones on the mat that come before during and after you tease. For reals 😬

👉on the reformer: 100, stomach massage, tree on the short box, backstroke ➡️ teaser on long box using the straps, rowing, tendon stretch

👉on the cadillac or tower: teaser using push through bar, shoulder roll down, chest expansion, monkey

👉on the wunda chair: seated on floor in front of pedal (seated spine stretch/teaser), seated on chair facing away from pedal (reverse swan/teaser), or side-lying in the chair (twist/teaser)

👉on the spine corrector: hip circles, teaser facing both directions, arm series

👉on the ladder barrel: short box, ballet stretches, teaser and hip circles

I could go on and on... but you get the picture🤓

💻 For teaser tutorials and more, check out my YouTube channel!

To do the teaser in context in a mat class, ask me about my monthly video subscription to the CIP “Contrology Vault”!

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