"Just wanted to say how great I think the deals are on classes!!! It's really a great savings buying 10-20 classes at a time!"   - Cynthia P.

"This is the best discovery I have made lately! Love it! The barre classes are awesome!"   - Valerie L.

"Amazing workouts with Barre at Core Integrity!!!"  - Katie S.


"I love Barre! Mat with props, including the new Pilatestick, is a great workout and lots of fun last Saturday! Kept it coming CIP. I love the variety of options you provide! best work-out I have done in a very long time. If you haven't tried it, you should! Your body will thank you!"   - Kris S.


"I took CIP's prenatal equipment class when I was pregnant with my last baby, and it was awesome. I always felt so much better after the class. Highly recommend!"   - Nora F. 

"This is not the kind of Crossfit/boot-camp workout that will have you lifting heavy weights with the guys, or getting yelled at for pushups.  I actually look forward to my Barre classes, because they lengthen my muscles and help me tap into the natural grace of being a woman.  Everything that was fun about ballet when I was a little girl, combined with the empowerment of pushing through muscle fatigue: that's what Barre is all about to me. It's the first workout I've actually loved."   - Leigh D.

"I felt great throughout my pregnancy because I stayed dedicated to a fitness schedule consisting of weekly prenatal apparatus classes, Barre classes and sessions on the elliptical machine. Because I had been working on building up my core strength prior to and during my pregnancy, I had very little back pain throughout my pregnancy. I also feel that because of my core strength, I had a fairly easy delivery with my son. My recovery has also been very quick and I am already attending Barre classes just 7 weeks after delivering my son. In fact, I would have been back in the classes sooner had I had childcare options for my son. I feel strongly that if I had not kept up my Pilates and Barre classes  during my pregnancy, I would not have had such an easy pregnancy, delivery and recovery. I am so grateful to Amanda for all of her expertise and support during my workouts! I have a very happy and healthy son and as a bonus, I was back in my pre pregnancy jeans just two weeks after giving birth! Thanks Amanda!!"    - Whitney B.

"I have been looking for a way to tone up and feel better for what feels like years now.  I did ballet when I was younger, and have always missed it and the exercise I got from it.  I heard about Barre at CIP at a different barre class, and I decided I would give it a try.  This is the first work out class I have ever been to that I look forward to!  Amanda is such a great instructor, she really truly makes it FUN.  I have been going twice a week for a few months now, and my body feels so good!  I can't thank Amanda and CIP enough!"   - Laura S. 

“I belong to two other clubs.  I am a senior always looking for safe exercise that is entertaining but a big payoff for the time spent. Barre and Stick are my new favorites.  I saw an immediate difference in tone in my arms and legs and the classes are great fun.”   - Daryl A.

“...I have always loved the studio and its good energy….The work I did before my knee replacement definitely helped my recovery, and post-op I've been having sessions with Hope which have been great... I look forward to an even easier experience with my next knee surgery."   - Sally S.

"I first came to Amanda as a tall, gangly fourteen year old desperate to learn how to control my uncooperative limbs during ballet class. Only vaguely do I remember my first few privates with Amanda, however, the sheer difficulty I experienced throughout my whole first year of training will be forever ingrained within me. Of course, there were frustrating times. Starting Pilates at such an awkward time in my life was partly to blame for the challenges; imagine taking an already impossible body to work with, with legs twice the length of her torso and arms to match, and then add the fact that my body changed almost weekly.  Pilates is in no way a facile workout, and yet that is exactly why I cherish it so much and is most definitely why it changed my dancing in such dramatic ways. The exercises involved target exactly the right areas of my body that exhibit fluid control, while simultaneously building beautiful, lean musculature. Not to mention the efficient, vigorous, and always beneficial class that Amanda conducts. Over these past four years training at Core Integrity Pilates, the progress I have made has been truly exciting and empowering. Coming from someone who would be on the verge of tears every time she attempted a straight- legged teaser to an able and strong student, dancer, and athlete, I am confident in saying that allowing my mother to drag me into the Pilates studio when I was just fourteen years old is one of the best decisions I ever made."                                                                                               - Mary-Katherine Y.

"Great instructors; great location; good class size. Friendly, comfortable environment."   - Sue S.

"I can tell the instructors are invested in their students. From the first class, Amanda knew my name. That meant a lot, since not being connected to the class makes it easier to give up when it is hard."   - Amanda L.