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Ever been taped? I know, it sounds weird right? If you've watched a competitive bicycle race or marathon runners, even gymnasts ... you've likely seen it. Strips of colorful tape splayed in patterns across shoulders, knees, backs and abs. That's kinesiology tape.

Kinesiology tape provides support without limiting movement. It's a therapeutic tape that's applied strategically to the body to provide support, ease pain, reduce swelling, reduce scarring ... and quite possibly, boost performance as a result.

So why are we talking about "tape?"

Well, as we hope you know, we are all about empowering you to live your best life through the healing power of movement and proactively approaching your health from a holistic place! Taping is another part of Amanda's holistic healing toolbox.

And how does it help?

Kinesiology taping gently lifts your skin. It is believed that this helps to create a space between your skin and the tissues underneath it, allowing the area to "breath" and the body to begin to heal.

Taping can help:

* improve movement & motor control

* enhance coordination

* increase mobility & stability

* build sensory awareness

* assist in correcting postural imbalances

* reduce scarring

* manage edema/swelling/bruising

So it can be used for treating injuries, supporting weak zones and re-training muscles that have lost function or "forgotten what to do" ... amazing, right!?

Did you know about this secret talent of Amanda's???

Your first taping is FREE, so don't hesitate to inquire.

*Subsequent tapings are $15 or can be added on to Private appointments for just $10. Note if functional/corrective exercises are required in conjunction with tape application, we will book a 30-minute Special Private Session for assessment/application/treatment where the client will be given exercises to do on their own at home. (Special Private Sessions are $40 and booked separately.)


"Why didn't I do this sooner??? Taping was such a great experience this week. It's amazing to think a piece of tape can bring pain relief, but it did! I've been suffering with what we think is a sore piriformis muscle for quite some time which was limiting my range of motion; sadly, I couldn't do Pilates the way I use to enjoy. And while I'm not "cured," I can definitely feel a welcome difference. I thought it might be uncomfortable given the location I had to apply the tape, but honestly, it's day 2 and I don't even realize it's there ...thanks for this little bit of magic, Amanda!" -- Lisa M


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* Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

... and coming soon, Raindrop Technique.

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