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The Law of Attraction in ACTION

Just keep reaching for the next best feeling thought.... 

That is the advice I find myself offering to others when explaining how the "law of attraction" (LOA) works and how they can learn to get "tuned in, tapped in and turned on" themselves.

So for a long time I have been listening to Esther Hicks and Abraham, the entities Esther channels and translates. Studying the law of attraction (LOA), which is really not as "woo-woo" as you might be thinking--- it is just another universal law, like that of gravity--- has illuminated my earthly path in so many wonderful ways. Of course, allowing nothing but positivity and goodness to infiltrate my life comes more easily sometimes than others. I am human! But last night, I finally learned to use LOA to change the trajectory of my experience- in real time- and to literally create my own reality.

There’s no point in listing out all the things that lead up to this negative spiral because they don’t matter. They are just dramatic details of what was... (PS: if you know me, you know that I LOVE sharing the dramatic details of what was in narrative form, especially if it makes an audience laugh... but I shan't digress...) all that matters is that you understand the tools I used to allowed things to turn around and serve me in that moment, rather than continuing to pummel me to smithereens. So I'll try hard to only share the details of the circumstances that matter enough for you to get the gist of the story ;)

So as I mentioned, we had spent the early part of the weekend gaining some serious momentum in a pretty negative direction. We already had to post-pone the socially distanced Halloween fun day we had planned with our cousins, so I decided we would carry on with the original plans for the evening come hell or high water. I had the car packed up with all sorts of delightful things including my toddler, Evy Lou, who was dressed as the cutest chipmunk you have ever seen. We were heading to Asheboro to spend the evening with some of our dearest soulmates, celebrating the Blue-moon with a bonfire, setting new intentions, enjoying delicious food my friend had spent time preparing, and just being in each other's company. No sooner than we got on the road, I immediately bumped the curb and flattened the 2 tires on the passenger side of my vehicle. It happened in a split second.

Once I dropped the oars I was then able to turn my experience completely around. It was absolutely exhilarating!! 

My instant reaction: "Yep, that seems about right. Honestly, not surprised at all."

It was exactly on par for how the past 24 hours had gone. And I was very calm about it. So, not a lot of resistance from me at this point, and I just surrendered.

"I get it Universe/Source Energy/God/Angels! You have other plans for us tonight. I didn't listen to the subtle hints before, so you had to literally burst my tires and stopped me in my tracks."

Abraham always says, "when you’re falling out of the airplane you just have to hang on and say don’t worry it will be over soon." You cannot stop that type of momentum it would be like jumping in front of a bus barreling down a San Fransisco hill and expecting to actually stop it. That ain't how it works, kids. You just have to lay there, get flattened by the bus and know it’s ok, help is on the way. Fighting against it, or paddling upstream, is the quickest way to keep yourself in that place of not feeling good! 

Rampage of Appreciation

I called Lucas who came right away and parked behind us on Freeman Mill Road where we were dangerously sitting with two flat tires. Once he was there and I had called AAA who gave about a 2 hour wait time for the tow truck, he got in the car with us and together as a family, the three of us began reaching for the next best feeling thoughts. We started to count our blessings out loud. Instead of saying, "things could be worse", we talked about how great things actually WERE. We were finding the positive aspects in every thought and every element of the situation, not through sarcasm (yes, that's challenging for me... I'm a natural smart-ass), but truly allowing the silver linings to reveal themselves to us and then celebrating each and every moment of those realizations!

Things sounded something like this... I am so happy to be here in my vehicle, safe and sound, with my two favorite humans on the planet... Isn't it wonderful that I own a vehicle?! Y'all, I am a car owner!! Everly, how lucky are we that Daddy was here and able to come rescue us? We are really having the most marvelous time, in fact, we are so grateful that this happened so that we would slow down and INjoy time together listing all of these positive aspects! Oh no, Evy Lou, you left your bracelets at home (the Fisher Price stacking rings that she wears 24/7 even while bathing/sleeping)... thank goodness we get to go back and put them on your wrists so that you can sleep tonight! And it's "fall back" tonight... that means we will get the gift of an extra hour of rest which is so much better than losing an hour!! We can't wait to go home together and take a million pictures of you in your Chipmonk costume!!! Aren't we lucky to have a home to go back to?! How amazing is it that I have AAA? And that I remembered to pay/renew it this year?! And that they can help us! And there is a Firestone just up the road, that is perfect! We are so glad Mommy packed yummy snacks and toys for the Raisin! We really have everything here that we need. Isn't this fun?!

As we sat there, in the middle of the busy road on Halloween night, a black cat literally hanging out in front of my car (not even kidding), Lucas folded up like gumby in my front seat, waiting on the tow truck for HOURS in the cold when we should have been somewhere fun, we entered into a state of appreciation like nothing I've ever experienced. I witnessed my reality slowly, and then rapidly, start to become more and more of what I WANTED, not the absence of it! 

The only reason we ever want something to be different is because we think will feel better and having of it, right? There are two ends of the stick: what is, and the absence of what is. When you focus your energy on the good of what is, LOA begins to to take over and give you more of what you DO want. Putting this into practice with my family last night, who were also in a high vibe place, we all changed our experience and the direction of the rest of our evening and ultimately of our existence!! I’m serious. We cannot go back! 

My Challenge to YOU

I want to challenge everyone to try this out next time you find yourself "out of the vortex"... test it out! Ask for the Universe to show you proof of law of attraction when you’re in a good headspace and have non-resistant thought around it, maybe after you’ve just meditated to quieted your mind, and just see what happens. Share your experiences with me!!! I can't wait to hear how much fun you are having :)

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