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A bRAVE New Year

The most important person to keep your promise to is YOURSELF.

💫 Welcome, to the gateway of your Vortex💫

This group is forming as a place for women to hold space for one another as we enter into a 🥳 RAVE NewYear...bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be... letting go of that which no longer serves us and of being NOT self.

December 31st was the end of a calendar cycle. The RAVE New Year is the start of a new SOLAR cycle ☀ which occurs on January 22, 2021 according to the Jovian archive. So really, the time between 12/31/20 and 01/22/21 is a time for reflection, for evaluation... what went well? What did not? Are you living into your purpose? Are you aligning with the right allies? Where do you want to be and what’s stopping you from getting there...?

Traditional "New Years resolutions" set us up for failure. They are just another way for us to sabotage our potential by setting ridiculously high goals for ourselves that are light years away from our current state. As Abraham Hicks often says, "You cannot get there from there." You have to start small, get some wins under your belt, learn to trust yourself again, or perhaps for the very first time.

The lesson here: 👉 The most important person to keep your promise to is YOURSELF👈

We want to share some uncomplicated strategies and tools based on the work of the incredible Amy Ledin, that everyone can easily implement into their daily lives to start gaining momentum and seeing growth quickly! Amy Ledin is truly one of the most inspirational, kick ass humans on the planet. Her tactics are pure GOLD and best of all they are simple enough for even the busiest of us to adopt.

Amy taught me how to BANG out a DAC 😆 which is what I want to share with you special women. The DAC's (Daily Agreement Cards) have given me the structure I so desperately needed to move beyond a lifetime of self-betrayals and to start believing in myself again.

The idea is that once you can trust yourself to keep your word on simple things, you will start to believe you can accomplish your bigger goals. This is the path to bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life! The discomfort we feel sitting in that place of stagnancy is evidence that we are not aligned with our inner- being or true self, which is what makes it so freakin uncomfortable to sit there feeling stuck/lost/frustrated!!

I’m Amanda, I will be providing you with the tools to BANG out your DAC’s, sharing some of my personal wins and learns, chatting with y’all about yours, and just being here to love and support each of you in this enlightened community of co-creators.

Not sure what your big vision or life purpose is? Want to know more about your own unique “Human Design”? This is where my girl Michelle comes in to blow your freakin minds and shine light on aspects of your personality and genetic make-up that will help you navigate your way through this life!

So, if you are ready to get the F out of your own badass way, join me and Michelle for 30 days of accountability as we build unstoppable self-confidence through simple daily habits that will truly change your life forever 🦋

email me NOW to save your spot in the group!

Cheers to a bRAVE New Year!


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