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vimergy coming to CIP.HEIC

My latest heartfelt project is HERE!


A's A-List FAVS.

I am bursting to share all of the incredible things I have been gathering into one place just for you - my beloved clients and friends - to have immediate, convenient access to.  Truly expanding the "holistic wellness studio" vision for CIP.

No shipping fees or mishaps, 

No waiting games.

Instant gratification!!!

You'll be able to stock up on all the purest, most potent (yet gentle) dietary supplements, herbal tinctures, squeaky-clean organic body lotions and deodorants, post-workout muscle rubs, therabands, foot-wakers...


You can even take care of loved ones and friends for birthdays and holidays, shopping right here at the studio.

Take a peak below ... and then let's make time to talk.  I'm here to help guide you on your quest for health inside and out!

These are a few of my favorite things


Vimergy Supplements

why Vimergy?



* .....








Pilates Tools

Enhance your practice at home with ... (porcupine balls, fans, toes, sox)


Essential Oils

Why Young Living?

*Deep Relief Roll On

*Stress Away Roll On

*Thieves Roll On

Amanda is at it again! Love the heart of this woman, always sharing all the good stuff ... I trust Amanda, so I know I can trust these products.  That saves me a ton of research time!

-LM / June 2022

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