Shana's Journey to the Core

October 27th, 2020 - Today was my first 1-on-1 with Amanda at Core Integrity Pilates. It’s basically like those old pilates videos I used to workout to…on steroids. I’m obsessed with the extra push the machines give me. They really align my body to be able to accomplish more in the time frame I’m working in. Not to mention I have Amanda pushing me verbally and providing LOTS of direction, encouragement and support in all the ways I need to make tucks and shifts and extensions. It’s SO helpful to have her voice to guide me so I am certain that I’m doing the movements correctly. She also provides visual aide when my mind works slower due to me being a visual learner.

I love to workout to the point it hurts. Pain is gain. That good pain. You know what I mean?! Especially in my stretching. I’m desperate for stretching and never get enough of it in my life. I’m especially partial to leg stretches and working around my calves and into my feet. It’s so soothing to me. And there was a lot of that today as I expressed an issue with my hamstrings. I sit all kinds of awkward while I edit photos (I’m a photographer). I also may still be nursing the discomforts of camping over the weekend…but I digress. I live in my neck and shoulders so Amanda really guided my self-awareness more in that area today. This is something I will carry with me day to day as I'm becoming more cognizant of my posture and where I carry tension in my body.

I’ve been needing to focus some time and attention on my physical well-being and in doing so I know it will strengthen my mental state as well. It’s so important to do this right now. I’m looking forward to the growth I’ll see over the coming months.

Amanda is also going to provide nutrition guidance since I'm always on the go and don't always make the best meal choices. I'm increasing my water intake as skin is screaming for more. Honestly, healthier eating may be more of a challenge for me than pilates itself…but I know it’s critical for me to life a healthier life. And this is what I want. So I’m going for it. I spend a lot of time nurturing others so I look as this journey as an opportunity to take good care of myself.

Pilates is something nearly everyone can do. You are competing only against yourself. And using your own body to improve itself. The machines we use at Core Integrity are there as aides to get us to our best physical selves. And I’m here for it. The more I push myself…the more progress I will see. Some of my goals are to tone my arms, noticeable abs, increase flexibility and finally get into the split I've always wanted to be able to do. Losing 15 pounds would be a bonus but as long as I look and feel healthy then I will be happy with any progress. The journey has begun.

Side note: I love the smell of the studio. Definitely went home and added thieves essential oil to my diffuser.

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