Studio Etiquette

The staff here at Core Integrity Pilates wants you to have a positive, rewarding experience in this safe, serene and supportive environment. In order for us to deliver the best possible experience to all clients, we ask that you review this information.

These policies are for your protection, privacy, sanitation and enjoyment. Please have respect for the space as well as those in it. You are responsible for yourself. BE PROACTIVE! Thank you for choosing CIP.

Arriving at the Studio

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of your class or session to allow for plenty of time to sign in and change clothes if necessary.
  • Payment is due at the time of services rendered. Please utilize the online scheduling system to view the schedule and class descriptions as well as to book and pay for services.
  • Since serenity is so important for body mind conditioning we ask that you please respect the privacy of CIP students and their wish to experience personal renewal in complete tranquility. We ask that your noise level not disturb sessions already in progress. Please turn off cell phones before entering the studio.
  • Be mindful that exercise is a sensitive and individual process, with some students desiring more privacy than others. Please wait until the start of your session before coming onto the studio floor.
  • Remove shoes; store them and any other belongings in the cubbyholes, hooks and coat racks in either studio. 
  • We do not recommend arriving for your work out on a full stomach. Please allow your body a minimum of 2 hours for digestion after eating before working out.
  • Be sure to inform your instructor of any recent changes in your health conditions such as neck, back or joint injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery and pregnancy. All instructors are familiar with your health history that is on file. Please help us to stay abreast of what is currently happening with your body so that you can avoid injury and receive the optimum benefits of your Pilates work out.
Studio Attire

  • Please dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to move and breath without constriction. Form fitting clothing is encouraged but not required in order to help your instructor be certain that your body is in proper alignment.
  • Gentlemen...and Ladies, if you choose to wear shorts to workout, please wear fitted biking shorts underneath them for privacy!
  • Jewelry should be left at home.
  • Long hair should be pulled back in either a very low or a very high ponytail/bun/braid. The back of the head must be unobstructed so as to rest comfortably on the mat behind you. This is also to avoid the distraction of it hanging in your face and getting it caught in equipments springs (ouch!).
  • While on the studio floor you have the option to go barefoot or (as a more hygienic alternative) to wear socks or Blake Brody shoes. Please consider investing in a pair of “Toe Sox”  or Xtend Barre Socks, both with a non-slip sole, which can be purchased here for $16.01 (including tax). Toesox come in MANY colors and styles, plenty to choose from !! Blake Brody in-studio footwear (also available at CIP) ranges in price from roughly $80- $150 depending on the style. They are supportive ballet-like slippers with antimicrobial properties, sticky soles to prevent slipping off the equipment and come in a variety of style and colors. 
  • In consideration of those clients who have allergies, please refrain from wearing perfume, fragrances, and cologne. For your safety, please do not wear any body lotion before coming to work out!
  • We love kids, but we do not provide child care. Please do not bring your little ones to the Pilates studio as we cannot be liable for them. If the child is older and can quietly amuse him/herself while you workout, we will permit them to do so. Please always check with us before bringing children in!
While in the Studio

  • No food or drink other than tightly capped bottle water on the studio floor.
  • Chewing gum in the studio can be hazardous and should be avoided during your session.
  • We provide disinfectant and towels to clean the mats, equipment and props that you will use during your session. You would not want to lie in someone else’s sweat so please show others the same courtesy. Please always clean up after yourself!
  • When on equipment, especially the reformers, have been utilized, please be sure to put all parts back in the position you found them so that they are ready to go for the next group.