New Client Specials *available one time to new clients, expires 30 days from 1st visit*
BOGO: 1st Mat/Barre/Cardio class is always buy-one-get-one! 2 classes 

 Introductory Package:  4 Private Pilates Sessions - $200 ($50 ea = savings of $80!)
Encore Package:  4 Private Pilates Sessions - $240 ($60 ea = savings of $40!)
Next Level:  1st Mat/Barre/Cardio class is always BOGO! 2 classes for $20 ($10/ea)

Pilates Group Equipment Class Pass Eligible only AFTER completing Intro Pkg or with instructor's permission *good for 6 months/180 days 
 Single $35          student/dancer= $25
 10 pack $300
 20 pack $500

Mat/Barre/Cardio Class Pass (includes Mat, Barre, Stick & Cardio HIIT’s) *good for 6 months/180 days 
 Single $20          BOGO 1st visit *student/dancer= $15 AFTER BOGO  
 10 pack $180
 20 pack $300

Flex Credits *good for 3 months/90 days
 Mat/Barre/Cardio= 3 credits; Group Equipment= 5 credits
 10 credits= $65     $19.50     $32.50
 20 credits= $120   $18.00     $30.00
 30 credits= $165   $16.50     $27.50
 40 credits= $210   $15.75     $26.25

CORE Cards *Balance good for 6 months
Your CIP “bank account” to use for any service or product we offer. Keep your CORE Card loaded to receive a $3­-5 discount on ALL TYPES of classes/appointments offered. You may use your account balance to purchase retail items (ie: grippy socks, E+ Shots or water).
$500 CORE Card= $3 off all classes and appointments
$1000 CORE Card= $5 off all classes and appointments

 Gives you access to all Mat, Barre and Cardio classes; you may take multiple classes per day. $150/month *6 month auto draft contract; may be frozen once per year for up to 2 consecutive months for a $29/mo freeze fee.

All Class Passes & CORE Card balances have a 6 month expiration from date of purchase. Flex credits have a 3 month expiration and credits do NOT roll over, so please make sure the credits you purchase will work for your schedule. There are no exceptions to these expirations and all sales are FINAL, so please choose wisely. 10% discount available for single visits (listed above) Flex Credits AND Class Passes for students & professional dancers with valid HS or college ID (please contact us for promo code or purchase in studio).


If you are uncertain of exactly what category (equipment/barre/mat)a certain class falls under, simply click on the class title in Wellness Living for a full description!

Pilates Mat Classes (45-­55 minutes) 
 Up to 14 students, 1 instructor.
 No pre-requisites for mat; open to all.
In Joseph Pilates' Method, the mat work is the ultimate challenge. No springs, straps or footbar to help you. Just the strength and flexibility of your powerhouse! Our“Classical” mat classes will challenge and improve your overall strength, flexibility and stamina using the Pilates principles of centering, control, concentration, flow, breath and precision. Experience total mind-body control through a non-stop workout. Our “Mat with Props” classes may be a bit more contemporary and creative in their content,though we always teach from a strong classical background. Students may utilize small props such as the magic circles,foam rollers, hand weights, PilatesSticks and FreeFORMBoards to spice up the workout, taking it to another level! These classes have all sorts of names from, “Poor Man’s Tower” to “Mat on a Roll”, so please remember to click on the title of each class if you are uncertain of exactly what category it falls under.

Group Equipment Classes (55-­60 minutes) Up to 5 students, 1 instructor.
*Pre-requisite: Intro Package and instructor permission. At any Power Pilates Studio you are guaranteed to receive a consistent, classically based, invigorating and fitness focused Pilates workout! In our small group apparatus classes, clients utilize a combination of equipment (reformer, mat, tower, wunda chair, barrels, props) to facilitate a deeper understanding of and connection to their CORE while transforming their bodies and ridding themselves of chronic weaknesses. Pilates focuses on sculpting the body proportionally so that it is equally challenged. The end result is a long and lean physique without added bulk. CIP offers traditional group “systems” classes as well as those with a specific theme or focus designed to keep each workout fun and fresh! These “outside the box” classes may vary from the traditional order/approach, but always maintain a classical foundation. Each student works at his or her own level while enjoying the structure of an intimate, small group setting.

Barre & Cardio Classes (55­-60 minutes) 
No pre-requisites; open to all.
Barre Up to 14 students, 1 instructor. Barre is Dance and Pilates, AMPLIFIED! Using a cardio-infused series of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches delivered by a former professional dancer, this barre workout delivers firm and fast results, creating a "dancer-like" physique that is both strong and trim. Class begins with a warm up and an upper body sculpting sequence targeting arms, chest and back muscles. Students then move to the ballet barre to focus on the thigh, seat and abdominal muscles. Finally, the abdominal and seat muscles are again targeted, followed by lengthening stretches and balance ending. Barre is one of the most effective barre workouts and the most efficient way to create a strong and healthy body at any age. You will begin to feel and look like a dancer; no tutus required!

STICK Max of 10 students per class! A barre class that incorporates the PilatesStick offering more balance challenge, excellent core/strength training, a great cardiovascular workout and a bit less ‘dancy’ than the traditional Barre workout!

Cardio HIIT’s Max of 10 students per class! A fast paced, high intensity interval-style class which is a compilation of Amanda’s personal favorite (sometimes dreaded) heart pounding, booty sculpting, calorie torching exercises! Set to all your favorite tunes, Cardio HIITs classes incorporate the best aspects of Pilates, cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), weight bearing, balance training, body sculpting, and elements of dance all rolled into one fantastic class. Using only the most unique and fabulous props available---the FreeForm Boards, PilatesStick, weights, stretch bands, balls, rollers, magic circles, boxes, sliders--- we will definitely elevate your heartrate and your mood while you carve and chisel all of the major muscle groups. It’s the perfect storm! Bring sneakers and get ready to SWEAT. 


Private Sessions: (55 minutes) 1 student, 1 instructor.
Have your comprehensively certified instructor’s undivided attention! 1-on-1 sessions are the fastest way to progress in Pilates. Together, you will create a program appropriate to your level of fitness utilizing the full range of Pilates apparatus (reformer, cadillac, chairs, barrels, ped-o-pul, tower/mat & props)

*WE REQUIRE 3-5 Privates/ Intro Pkg/ instructor permission before you are eligible to sign up for group equipment classes, duets and semi-privates.

SINGLE SESSION: $70 *student/dancer= $60 (AFTER Intro Package)
10 PACK: $680 ($68/session)
 20 PACK: $1300 ($65/session)

*INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL: 4 private sessions for only $200
*Intro Package expires 30 days from date of purchase available ONE time only to new clients.
The Intro Package is the BEST way to get started and is strongly recommended to ALL clients new to the studio and/or classical Pilates! This package saves you $80 and gives you a chance to get to know each of our talented instructors as you become acquainted with the Pilates method of exercise and CIP’s through our systematic, integrative approach.

*ENCORE SPECIAL: 4 private sessions for only $240
*Encore Package expires 30 days from date of purchase available ONE time only to clients who have completed the INTRO PKG.                                                                                     
The Encore Package is a secondary introduction to the Power Pilates system which saves you an additional $40 while giving you a chance to expand your knowledge under the guidance of your favorite teacher(s) from the Intro! The Encore is designed to get you to an intermediate level which will prepare you to move right into Group Equipment classes or semi’s. You will work much deeper into the traditional order of exercises in your Encore sessions...this is where it really gets exciting :)

Special Private Sessions: (30 minutes) 1 student, 1 instructor.
 Available to individuals who are not advised to work out for a full hour. These sessions are perfect for older clients and for those recovering from an injury or surgery. All exercises are modified to enable the most productive workout for any fitness level!
*No pre-requisite for these sessions and no discount packages offered.

Duet & Semi-Private Sessions: (55 minutes)
A small group session is a more economical form of training, while maintaining most of the advantages of private sessions. Although you are in a group, the session is still individualized to your specific goals and needs.
*Must have completed 3-5 Privates/Intro Pkg & have instructor’s permission.
DUETS: 2 student, 1 instructor.
SINGLE SESSION: $45 *student/dancer= $35
10 PACK: $430 ($43/session)
20 PACK: $800 ($40/session)

SEMI’S: 3-5 student, 1 instructor.
SINGLE SESSION: $35 *student/dancer= $25
10 PACK: $330 ($33/session)
20 PACK: $600 ($30/session)

All appointment packs of 10 and 20 have a 6 month expiration. There are no exceptions to these expirations and all sales are FINAL, so please choose wisely. Single Visits (listed above) and 10 or 20 packs are DISCOUNTED for students & professional dancers with valid HS or college ID. These can be purchased in the studio or ONLINE with a promo code for an ADDITIONAL 10% off (please contact us for code).


Q: What is the best way to get started with Pilates?

 A: New clients must begin with a series of private sessions. This initial group of sessions is important in setting the basic foundation for Pilates work. Clients learn each exercise with proper form and alignment, as well as any modifications that might be appropriate for them. Through careful one-on-one teaching, clients learn the traditional order of the exercises, the principles of Pilates, equipment set-up, and the system of exercises that is right for their body and personal fitness goals. Taking full advantage of the Introductory Package followed by the Encore Package is the most efficient way to get your practice off to the best possible start!

Q: How do you know if you’re ready for semi-privates or group equipment classes?

 A: Clients can add or transition to semi-private sessions or group equipment classes when:
*They have a basic understanding of the names of the exercises and the order in which they are performed.
 *They know how to set up their equipment.
 *They have an understanding of the 6 principles of Pilates and a beginning awareness of how to apply them.
 *They can work more independently and SAFELY in a group environment.
 *They have completed BOTH our Intro and Encore Packages and/or have instructor permission.

Q: What to wear & bring?

A: Please come in comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Socks with grippers on the bottom are REQUIRED for all Barre and Stick classes (socks are optional for Pilates) or try a pair of Blake Brody "In Studio Shoes". We sell a variety of grippy socks and Blake Brody footwear in lots of fun colors and all sizes. For our Cardio HIITs classes, sneakers are recommended for some of the more high-impact cardio exercises you will perform. Finally, please remember to HYDRATE before, during & after class! We provide towels and have bottled water available for $1 or feel free to bring your own. Come ready to workout to lively music (in barre/cardio classes only; no music used in Pilates) in a fun, focused, non-threatening atmosphere. You will boost your metabolism, whittle your middle, chisel your physique, sweat and HAVE FUN!!!

Q: Where to go?

 A: Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled class. We are located at 1901 Ashwood Court, Suite E. It will be in the first cluster of brick buildings on the left when you enter Lawndale North Office Park. If you are lost and wander into the wrong office, someone should be in there to point you in the right direction! *Please DO NOT show up to a class without registering in advance*


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