Prenatal Pilates

Pre & Postnatal Pilates Training
Unlike other types of exercise, you can start with Pilates at any stage of your pregnancy and still reap tremendous benefits. It is absolutely never too late to learn. For many pregnant women, this is a time that they feel the greatest need and motivation to get fit and take care of themselves. Since 2009 when she became a Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates Specialist through the Center for Women's Fitness , Amanda has been extremely passionate about guiding clients through their pregnancies and helping them to bounce back after. Our Prenatal program provides the body with deep overall conditioning as it elongates and aligns the body. It also, helps strengthen the body for a smoother delivery. From the first trimester to labor, our program will safely prepare the prenatal body for the rigors of labor. Through Pilates based exercises, we will tap into the power of our own breath and strength, which helps realign the body for successful birthing. A safe Pilates practice can help soften and open the body and mind so that we can help facilitate the natural birth process. We focus on keeping you strong in all the right places, while assisting nature's process of opening and relaxing the body in others. Essential exercises for pregnancy include pelvic floor exercises, abdominal work to activate the TA and obliques and to maintain lumbar pelvic stability, hamstring strengthening and stretching to help stabilize the pelvis, hip adduction/abduction and arm work to include external rotation and shoulder adduction. Many women use the ball as a labor and delivery tool. One way to be confident in using the ball during labor is to incorporate it into your daily life. The ball is a comfortable way to exercise, especially towards the end of pregnancy.

One note for postnatal clients- all mommies are welcome, but our NEW moms should probably plan to attend these classes only up to 10 weeks postpartum. Beyond that, you will likely be ready to move back into more challenging Pilates classes!

We schedule our Prenatal Pilates classes according to the needs and schedules of our current clientele. Prenatal Group Equipment classes are sold at a discounted rate of $30 per class, or purchase 10 classes for $250 and pay just $25 per class. Please contact Amanda to learn more about our current offerings if you are an expecting mother who is interested in participating! 

We are happy to offer private and semi-private equipment workouts by appointment only for our moms to be and new moms for an additional discount!

Reservations are required for all classes, so please sign up online, email or call the studio to secure your spot in class. Thank you!