Through extensive training and dedication, the instructors at CIP have devoted many years to pursuing excellence in their field and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as a classically trained, comprehensively certified Pilates and Barre instructors who enjoy sharing their skills and knowledge to help clients improve their lives. 



 Amanda Smith 
(Founder; Studio Owner; Comprehensively Certified Power Pilates Instructor; Barre Instructor & Teacher Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach)

Amanda finds that being of service to others by helping them recognize, cultivate and commit themselves to an active, healthy lifestyle has been the greatest gift she could ever imagine living into. Guiding her beloved clients to find their true "core integrity" is her passion and purpose.  
In 2003, Amanda graduated with her BFA in Dance,  focusing on performance and choreography from UNCG. After  graduation, Amanda became a comprehensively certified Pilates  instructor through Power Pilates® NYC.  She is now the owner of her Greensboro based studio, Core Integrity Pilates, LLC and Xtend Barre, Greensboro, established in 2005, and still growing strong.
One of Amanda's main goals was to clarify and simplify the path for those talented teachers in training that would follow in her wake. In  2008, CIP became a Participating Training Center for Power Pilates, NYC (now referred to as "Host" Training Center). This allowed for  students going through the Comprehensive Power Pilates certification program (which includes a 600 hour apprenticeship and in most cases, many miles of travel for months on end), the opportunity to log self-practice, observation and practice teaching hours at CIP under Amanda's supervision. Becoming a teaching studio enabled Amanda and her growing team to offer guidance and support to those working toward their certification, which can be a very stressful and confusing time, as well as providing them with more convenience and less travel.
Amanda holds her Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates Specialist certification from the Center for Women's Fitness. She finds this specific population to be incredibly intriguing, inspiring and rewarding to teach. She hopes to pursue further levels of training and expertise in this area in order to expand the pre and postnatal program offerings at CIP.
She is also an instructor of the Xtend Barre method and an Xtend Barre Teacher Trainer. She is ACE Certified to teach Group Exercise. In March 2010, CIP became an Xtend Barre Licensed Studio and in July 2012 Amanda held her first solo training, hosted at CIP. The Xtend program was such a natural fit for the life long dancer, melding two of her passions into one brilliant, beautiful program!! 

The last pieces of the "whole wellness" puzzle came together when Amanda discovered the myriad benefits of nutritional cleansing and rebalancing in the summer of 2015. Working 18-20 hour days 7 days a week can take it's toll on a body (not to mention mind and spirit!) so finding a simple solution to help re-set her body's ability to assimilate nutrition, and then flooding it with the cleanest, most beautifully sourced superfoods on earth, was (and is) KEY to her survival. This, in combination with the use of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, has had a dramatic impact on her health. Her goals now include sharing this wealth of holistic knowledge with as many people as possible and to coach them through each step of this profound yet simplistic process of helping their bodies function as the miracles that they ARE!!!
She continues to teach, run her business and perform professionally... constantly seeking opportunities to share the healing gifts of movement and holistic wellness with others!


(Studio Greeter)
 Winnie is our studio pooch, always here to greet you with a deep hound-dog bark or an excited squeal and kiss, depending on your gender. Winnifred can be found relaxing, sunbathing, sleeping, eating, napping, resting, lounging, and occasionally assisting our clients in their workouts.




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